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06 July 2016

Round 2 of Championship Ski & Snowboard League is now live

BBC’s Ed Leigh and Head Coach of GB Park and Pipe’s Ski Team, Pat Sharples, give the low down on who are the current rising stars of British skiing and snowboarding as round two of Championship Ski and Snowboard (CSS) goes live.


With competition hotting up between the teams, and some of the senior GB Park and Pipe squad deciding to get in on the action, Championship Ski and Snowboard is clearly demonstrating how British riders are pushing the boundaries on the artificial slopes and indoor snow centres.


The lowdown on Championship Skiing from Pat Sharples:


“I think the main thing that have stood out for me is the talent of the up and coming young guns, especially some of the girls who have all been submitting some technical tricks with a lot of style in their riding. The level of riding coming from National Academy skiers at Bearsden has been very much on point!  


Overall the skiers are performing high levels tricks in both directions, with style, solid grabs and good execution on landings, which is pretty much everything the judges want to see! It is great to see all the teams taking full advantage of the their home slopes and getting the best out of the features.


And what rumours are there ahead of Round 2? Apparently after seeing Round 1, Anna Vincenti and Murray Buchan signed for Bearsden and Madi Rowlands has signed for Hemel! Let’s see what the GB Park & Pipe team members can bring to CSS in future rounds!”



Round 2​ Ski


CSS - Round 2 Ski - Tamworth V Stoke from CSS League on Vimeo.

CSS - Round 2 Ski - Aberdeen V Hemel from CSS League on Vimeo.

CSS - Round 2 Ski - Bearsden V Milton Keynes from CSS League on Vimeo.


The lowdown on Championship Snowboarding from Ed Leigh:


“Championship Ski and Snowboard has already proved itself to be the best way to catch a glimpse of Britain’s best domestic talent. The standard is gold seal and well worth checking out. 


In the wake of some first round hammers getting thrown down, some of the stand outs for me were; Fin Bremner, the 16 year old riding for Aberdeen who deserves top billing for his back rodeo 900. It’s the first time it’s been seen in the UK. Also impressing is Matt McCormick from Bearsden, who currently leads on kickers after he opened his section with a lovely switch back 9, and finished with a mind melting inward/backside barrel roll as his EX trick.


Looking ahead to round two, which is now live, it could be that the Young Guns are the secret weapon in CSS. Braehead lead with young gun Leon Drynan playing a pivotal role but close behind is Bearsden who have Lewis Moore, another 12 year old who has broken into the top 8 kicker riders.


After their loss to Braehead, Hemel have flexed their not inconsiderable muscle and secured the signatures of Jamie Nicholls and Aimee Fuller for Round 2. Bearsden have also been busy on the transfer front and they now boast Katie Ormerod and Rowan Coultas, however, there are still some of the GB Park and Pipe Team who haven’t signed up yet. Billy Morgan anyone?”


Round 2 Snowboard


CSS - Round 2 Snowboarding - Tamworth V Bearsden from CSS League on Vimeo.


CSS - Round 2 Snowboarding - Milton Keynes V Braehead from CSS League on Vimeo.


CSS - Round 2 Snowboarding - Hemel V Aberdeen from CSS League on Vimeo.


Check out the CSS Facebook page and the CSS website for all videos from round 1 and 2, vote on the polls and view the results and the league tables:


CSS is endorsed by GB Park & Pipe and supported through The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham, Delancey as well The National Lottery, UK Sport and national governing bodies Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales.


More about CSS:


Championship Ski and Snowboard features six snowboard and six ski teams from slopes across the UK going head to head in a league, with teams submitting videos of tricks from four of their team members for each round. 


In every round, each team is matched against another team and their videos, including their best kicker, rail and EX (execution) trick for each rider, will be marked by a panel of world class judges, with one of the teams coming out on top or it being called a draw. Each team must include a "Young Gun" (a rider under the age of 15) and a female rider.


Championship Ski and Snowboard is made up by teams from Stoke Ski Centre (ski), The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead (ski & snowboard), Aberdeen Snowsports Centre (ski & snowboard), Bearsden Ski and Snowboard Club (ski & snowboard). SnowDome Tamworth (ski & snowboard), Snozone Milton Keynes (ski & snowboard) and Snow Factor Braehead (snowboard).


The world class judging panel consists of GB Park and Pipe rider Katie Summerhayes, Josh Fawcett, Dave Young and Bobby Taylor on the ski side and Laura Berry, Kevin Mills, Colum Mytton and Andy Mills on the snowboard side. The overall scoring process is then overseen by the head judges who are GB Park and Pipe coaches Hamish McKnight, Pat Sharples, Jack Shackleton and Jamie Matthew.


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