27 July 2016

#ProjectPY2018 Mission 32: Pathway Strikes Again

In collaboration with Sport Scotland, Bearsden Freestyle Crew and our GB Park and Pipe Performance Pathway coaches, GB Park and Pipe held a week-long Sport Scotland West Pathway Camp a few days ago, aimed at getting some new tricks in the bag.

#ProjectPY2018 Mission 32 gives a great insight into how the GB Park and Pipe young guns are bagging their new tricks. From conception, to first goes on a trampoline, then an airbag and then the real thing on dryslope, this film follows the progress of some ultra-brave riders pushing themselves in the search for new tricks.


Thanks - as ever - to UK SportThe National Lottery, Lottery Good Causes and #Delancey . And special thanks in making this film to: 

Sport Scotland

Bearsden Freestyle Crew


Air Space Trampoline Park, Glasgow

Urban Gymnastics, Glasgow

Bouldering Glasgow

Cumberland Centurions BMX Race Track

The Snowboard Addiction Trainer


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