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04 July 2016

BSS Summer Series featuring Matt McCormick

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to find out how they will be spending their summer. During this series we will cover injuries, rehab, training camps, new programmes and chasing winter in the Southern Hemisphere! 

This week we speak to GB Park & Pipe rider Matt McCormick


You’ve featured in round 1 of the new CSS league, how have you found the league so far?

So far it's been rad! It's cool getting the freedom to pick your own tricks and have as many attempts to land it as you need. I also really liked the execution trick, it gives you the opportunity to get really creative and try a few things at your slope that haven't really been done before. Competing as part of a team has also been pretty interesting too, I haven't done many team sports since I started snowboarding so it's fun to have a new aspect to the competition.


What are the summer plans for the GB Park and Pipe riders?

Over June, July and August we'll be spending a lot of time in the UK doing some cross training. This usually includes gymnastics, skateboarding and airbag sessions at some of the indoor slopes. Towards the end of Summer we fly to Australia to ride at Perisher which has an awesome park! We'll be there for about a month then come home and get ready for the start of the season! 


Have you been able to take a break over the summer? If so how did you spend it?

Since I've grown up riding mostly dryslope I don't usually take a "break" in summer. I do usually skate a bit more but snowboarding is what I enjoy doing most so I don't usually want to take a break from it!  


What advice can you give to any up and coming Park and Pipe athletes?

Ride as much as you can and enjoy it! You really don't need to have a coach with you all the time to progress. If you have a group of friends you can ride with a few times a week you'll progress loads and have way more fun with it! Also if you're really wanting to improve your riding, other sports like skateboarding, gymnastics or trampolining can often help improve board control and air-awareness which will feed back into your riding. 


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