Kirsty in the Picture Motion Big Air at The Brits PC: Motion Stoppers

03 May 2017

Delancey Ones to Watch: Kirsty Muir Talks The Brits and Taking on the Pro Line

We catch up with Delancey Ones to Watch freestyle skier, 12-year-old Kirsty Muir, to find out what she's been up to as part of the GB Park & Pipe National Academy with her final blog of the season. 



This is my last Delancey “Ones to Watch” blog.  Thank you Delancey and CSS for the opportunity to share my season with you.  I hope you have enjoyed it.

I headed out to Laax on 25 March for 2 weeks, a week’s training  and then the British Freestyle Championships 2017 (The Brits) the next week. I had a brilliant time.  There were lots of us over from Aberdeen, some who had been out for the whole season, some like me, for just a short time.  It’s so much fun skiing the mountain with friends.  I was training with Joe Tyler and Andy Matthew. The Brits is an awesome experience, firstly because you get to spend time  and ski with your freestyle pals from the UK, and secondly because many of the GB Park & Pipe main team come out for the competition, so you get the chance to meet and ski with the people who inspire you. The team have had a long qualifying season for the Olympics so a huge thank you to them for coming out. We were so lucky to have Katie Summerhayes compete with us, she is an awesome skier and is amazing to watch.  Stoked, to see Woodsy on the slopes in Laax too.

Team Aberdeen, in Laax

I had an amazing 3 days of competition.   

 3 Golds - 1st  in <16 Slopestyle, Half-Pipe and Picture Big Air.                       

2nd Overall, Slopestyle and Big Air.                                                      

 3rd Overall in Half Pipe.

I also won the “Ritblat Endeavour Award” for best female ski trick under 18 years old.

For the Picture Big Air, I moved it up to the Proline.  I had never ridden the Proline, so was stoked to land my 720 safety and 720 mute grabs, and went for the 900 for the first time too. So happy to try the new jump. 

Kirsty in the Picture Big Air. PC: Motion Stoppers


The prize for winning the “Ritblat Endeavour Award” was £500.  I can’t believe I won it. The prize was at the back of my mind, but I just wanted to try my best and have fun.  I had been wanting to try the Proline for a while, so I am just so happy that the conditions were good that day and I had the opportunity to go for it.  For the award, we were filmed all through practice and the comp itself, so if you managed your tricks in practice but just missed them in the comp, it would still count. It meant you could push to try new things out which is great.  I am going to use the money for my skiing.  It costs a lot to try and get abroad to train, so the money is a big help for next season’s trips.

 Ritblat Endeavour Award Winners    

Although that’s the snow season over, we are lucky we can ski all year at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre.  It’s great having all the people who were away doing full seasons abroad back home again, the centre is buzzing.  With the UK ski and snowboard comps, we are always busy. My favourites are Go Big Or Go Home Bearsden and Aberdeen.

Championship Ski & Snowboard starts again early May, our Aberdeen Snowsports Centre ski & snowboard teams are competing again, so that will be a lot of fun this summer.

I would like to thank my family for all their help and support, and  a huge thanks to my coaches, Andy Begg,  Joe Tyler,  Andy Matthew & Ben Kinnear.

Thank you, as always to, Freeze Pro Shop, Aberdeen Sports Council – Dr Hellen Reith Trust,  Chris Anderson Trust, Dundee Ski Club,  Aberdeen Snowsports Centre, Aberdeen Snowsports Club, Snowsport Scotland, GB Park & Pipe, British Ski & Snowboard, CSS, Delancey and Banchory Trampoline & DMT Club.

If you would like to see what I get up to next,  you can follow me on instagram: @ kirski12 and Facebook: @KirstyMuirFreeski.                

Thank you and see you on the slopes.       

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