Alex came 1st and 2nd in GS in the Far East Cup in January

09 February 2017

Delancey British Alpine skier Alex Tilley reports from PyeongChang with #1YTG

Earlier this year, Delancey British Alpine skier Alex Tilley was in Yongpyong Resorts, South Korea, for the Far East Cup. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Yongpyong will be hosting the technical ski events, which is where Alex hopes to be competing. Construction is underway for the Jeongseon Alpine Centre, which will host the speed events, and due to be finished in December this year.

We chat to Alex about her first experiences of the host nation and Alpine venue for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018.

Yongpyong race slopes | Photo by


This was your first time in South Korea – what were your first impressions?

South Korea was definitely a cool experience, I always love going places that are completely new to me and being able to see different cultures. It's one of the perks of what we do and I'm always happy when we can take advantage of that. Everyone was really friendly out there and I think it will be a great venue for the Olympic games next year!


What are the conditions/pistes like for you to race on?

The piste for the technical disciplines is pretty awesome! There's a lot of terrain changes and some pretty steep sections, they also had put some serious water into the surface for our races there this year so it was pretty bulletproof, I am hoping they prepare it in the same way for next year and it should make for some really exciting races! 

View of the GS course in Yongpyong | Photo by Stefan Leitner


The Yongpyong Alpine Centre has the capacity to seat 2,500 people with a further 3,500 people standing – what do you think the atmosphere will be like there next year?

I think the atmosphere should be great, I really felt like the people there were excited to be hosting the games next year and there was a lot of interest from the local people. The fact that so much of the piste is in sight from the finish area will make it really cool for the spectators!

View from the finish area | Photo by Stefan Leitner


Yongpyong was constructed in 1998 and has hosted several different big events since then - what’s the resort/venue like in comparison to others you’ve raced at?

There was definitely a different vibe to most resorts in Europe that we go to, there seemed to be a lot of school trips and kids groups around, which is really great to see, and if that is from the excitement of hosting the Olympic games next year then I think that makes it even better! I think many people will be surprised by how much there is to offer there and how world class the piste really is.


Alex will next be racing in the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz in Switzerland. She will competing in both the Giant Slalom on Thursday 16th February and Slalom on Saturday 18th February.

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