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28 September 2016

Championship Ski & Snowboard League Winners Announced

Today has marked the release of the final round of matches in the inaugural Championship Ski and Snowboard League. Over the course of the last 5 months, 6 ski and 6 snowboard teams have battled it out to be crowned League Champions, with the winners announced today.
The first ski edit saw Milton Keynes take on Stoke, with CSS making special thanks to Milton Keynes for their quality of footage throughout the season and to Stoke for their creative EX tricks. Stoke came out on top, leaving them in 3rd place in the overall standings. The next match featured Aberdeen Vs Tamworth, unfortunately Tamworth were unable to submit their final edit and therefore had to forfeit. This left Aberdeen with a final win, they and were also the only team to consistently feature two female riders. The final edit saw Hemel taking on Bearsden. With Hemel currently leading the overall standings but Bearsden on their tail, it was a winner takes all final with Bearsden nipping Hemel being pipped at the post by Bearsden.  Bearsden were crowned the winning title in Championship Skiing 2016 whilstith Hemel finisheding second in the standings.
With the ski results confirmed, the attention turned to the snowboarders. The first match of Aberdeen Vs Braehead showed that consistency can be key, with Braehead taking the win using the same team they had fielded in each round. The next match saw Tamworth again having to forfeit the round, meaning a final win for Milton Keynes whose team featured a welcome return for Josh Ogden who was back on snow following an injury during CSS earlier in the season. The final was again a head to head battle between the two top teams with Hemel needing a win for a chance to draw with Bearsden in top spot. However, Bearsden once again pulled it out of the bag in their final match and took top spot with their second podium of the day! With Braehead and Hemel now on equal points, the runner up was decided by the team who had gained the most points from trick scores. This saw Braehead take second place with 2696.70 points over Hemel’s 2534.65.
Congratulations to all the teams who took part in this inaugural series and to Delancey, TSA & Ellis Brigham for sponsoring.

Round 5: Championship Skiing

CSS - Round 5 SKI - Final Round - Milton Keynes V Stoke from CSS League on Vimeo.


CSS - Round 5 SKI - Final Round - Aberdeen V Tamworth from CSS League on Vimeo.

For video, visit:

CSS - Round 5 SKI - Final Round - Bearsden V Hemel from CSS League on Vimeo.


Round 5: Championship Snowboarding

CSS - Round 5 Snowboard - Final Round - Milton Keynes V Tamworth from CSS League on Vimeo.


CSS - Round 5 Snowboard - Final Round - Hemel V Bearsden from CSS League on Vimeo.


CSS - Round 5 Snowboard - Final Round - Aberdeen V Braehead from CSS League on Vimeo.


Find out more about the Championship Ski & Snowboard league 2016:

CSS - The Stats:

·      75,200 views of CSS videos online so far
·      64 snowboarders and 70 skiers
·      CSS Snowboard Male 47 / Female 17 / Youngest Member  9 years 
·      CSS Ski Male 49 / Female 21 / Youngest Member  9 years 
·      12 teams each competing in 5 matches over 5 months
·      Around 15 coach/managers
·      7 artificial or indoor slopes involved
·      8 judges and 4 head judges
·      10 sponsors or partners

More about CSS:

Championship Ski and Snowboard features six snowboard and six ski teams from slopes across the UK going head to head in a league, with teams submitting videos of tricks from four of their team members for each round. 

In every round, each team is matched against another team and their videos, including their best kicker, rail and EX (execution) trick for each rider, will be marked by a panel of world class judges, with one of the teams coming out on top or it being called a draw. Each team must include a "Young Gun" (a rider under the age of 15) and a female rider.

Championship Ski and Snowboard is made up by teams from Stoke Ski Centre (ski), The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead (ski & snowboard), Aberdeen Snowsports Centre (ski & snowboard), Bearsden Ski and Snowboard Club (ski & snowboard). SnowDome Tamworth (ski & snowboard), Snozone Milton Keynes (ski & snowboard) and Snow Factor Braehead (snowboard).

The world class judging panel consists of GB Park and Pipe rider Katie Summerhayes, Josh Fawcett, Dave Young and Bobby Taylor on the ski side and Laura Berry, Kevin Mills, Colum Mytton and Andy Mills on the snowboard side. The overall scoring process is then overseen by the head judges who are GB Park and Pipe coaches Hamish McKnight, Pat Sharples, Jack Shackleton and Jamie Matthew.

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