01 August 2016

BSS Summer Series featuring Jai Geyer

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to find out how they will be spending their summer. During this series we will cover injuries, rehab, training camps, new programmes and chasing winter in the Southern Hemisphere! 

This week we speak to Delancey British Alpine Senior Skier Jai Geyer!


After spending last season rehabbing, how are you feeling being back on snow?

It's an awesome feeling finally being able to clip into a fresh pair of race skis and rip through the snow with free abandon. Wow, had I missed that, even if absence from the sport was a valuable experience in other ways. It was a long and testing road to full recovery, breaking my hand in my first race back requiring more surgery, but very rewarding to overcome it and achieve PBs in Giant Slalom.


You have joined the newly formed Men’s Alpine Programme with BSS, how did the initial training go with the new team?

I couldn't wait to get out on the first team camp in Austria, meet the new coaches and kick start the off-season training. We made the most of the conditions and started work in lots of different areas... at the end of each camp, we are looking forward to the next one! I love the training camps through summer/autumn on the glaciers, action packed days in such amazing places, and with great coaches, I'm excited by the new setup. The training also works alongside the World Cup program of David Ryding and Alex Tilley - it was really cool working together last month in Germany and I think the fun team vibe, work ethic and world class standard is a great environment to progress.


Have you been able to take a break over the summer? If so how did you spend it?

The end of the season was longer and more hectic than ever in an effort to catch up, so there was no time for a break before starting the new BSS program. Fitness has been priority, but I'm about to swap the skis for a belated week of surfing and camping!

What advice can you give to any athlete who has recently joined a new programme?

Start as you mean to continue, learn as much as you can and get stuck in. Often it is an opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh approach so try and make the most of it in all areas. It's not just about the skiing either, it can be an opportunity to learn a new culture/language and meet new people if you are joining a program in a different country

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