11 July 2016

BSS Summer Series featuring Cara Brown

Over the coming weeks we catch up with our Team Athletes and Coaches to find out how they will be spending their summer. During this series we will cover injuries, rehab, training camps, new programmes and chasing winter in the Southern Hemisphere! 

This week we speak to Delancey British Alpine Senior Squad Skier Cara Brown


You have been undertaking some rehab under the EIS at Bisham Abbey, how has your rehab been going?

I'm just coming to the end of my first 4 weeks of rehab in Bisham. The facilities here are amazing: I have a physio, s & c coach, soft tissue masseuse, doctor, nutritionist and psychologist working around the clock for me making sure that everything possible is being done for my knee.

Rehab is hard work but when you start from the bottom, like you do after acl surgery, you can really see the improvements and that's what motivates me.

Have you been able to take a break over the summer? If so how did you spend it?

Despite being injured I've actually had less rest than I would have if I was fit. I usually take 2 or 3 weeks off at the end of the season but I didn't have that this year! I haven't really had a break between prehab and rehab but I'm planning a holiday towards the end of summer, something to really look forward to!


What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

At the moment I'm focused on getting my knee back to 100%. I want to make sure I use my injury time positively. I'm already thinking about my return to skis and know that I can be much fitter for next season. I am going to try to spend a little time with my team mates in France when I have time off though.


What advice can you give to any athlete currently going through a rehab programme?

I find one of the most tedious parts of rehab is doing the same simple exercises again and again but you have to keep telling yourself that in the long term it will pay off. I make sure I remember that every half an hour you spend in the gym is half an hour closer to getting back on my skis. Set yourself realistic short term goals. Every day will get easier, things that seemed impossible will become second nature again. You'll suddenly look back and wonder where the months have gone and won't believe how far you've come. 

1 day post op V. 25 days post op... Proof the hard work pays off!


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