29 September 2017

British U16 and U14 Early Season Race Allocations for FIS Youth International Races 2017/18

BSS is delighted to announce the U16 and U14 athletes who have been selected to represent GBR at the first set of Youth International FIS Races for the 2017-18 season. 
The selection meeting was held on Thursday 21st September, 2018 and athletes were selected in accordance with the criteria outlined in the recent BSS selection policy document which was published on 13th April, 2018. A copy of this can be found on the BSS here.
The selection panel was made up of the following people:- 
Alpine Discipline Chair or his appointed representative -Fiona McNeilly
Senior U16 Coach - Mark Vinter
Head of Talent and Pathways - Mark Ritchie
Pathway Representative - Rob Bullen
Pathway Representative - Eilidh McLeod
BCST Team Manager - Juliet Foster (attend without vote)
GBR FIS Youth committee representative - Jenny Shute (attend without vote) 
These races are a fantastic opportunity for athletes to gain valuable race experience on an International stage and they provide an insight into the reality of racing on the FIS circuit. 
Congratulations to the following selected athletes! 

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