09 February 2017

British Aerials' Lloyd Wallace: One Year to Go to PyeongChang 2018 #1YTG

The 9th February 2017 officially marks one year to go until the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang 2018. We're celebrating this exciting milestone with a series of British Ski & Snowboard athlete interviews from across the disciplines, giving you an insight into their pre-Olympic aspirations and plans.

In this interview we speak to British Aerials' skier Lloyd Wallace who is currently studying Sports Performance at the University of Bath. Lloyd's father, Robin Wallace was also a freestyle skier and represented Great Britain in the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.

Lloyd Wallace at the Lake Placid World Cup in January, 2017 

How is this season going? What have been the highs and lows?

This season is a bit of a mixed bag so far, I had a tougher preseason in Finland than I was expecting, I really had to knuckle down and work hard on my jumps. I then competed in China and was pleasantly surprised, although I could have jumped better, I was please I had managed to do both of my triple twisting somersaults there. I am currently in the USA where I had one World Cup and two subsequent weeks of training. I am super stoked that I was able to do a new trick and become the first British person to do a quadruple twisting triple somersault, the Full Double Full Full. Training has been pretty tough and the weather hasn’t helped, but I am looking forward to competing in Utah next.

What are your ambitions for the remainder of the season?

I definitely want to compete my new trick at some point, but my main aim is to jump and land well in the next World Cups and hopefully break into the top 10. This all leads to the World Champs in Sierra
Nevada in March where I’d like to put in a solid performance.  Of course, at the same time, I would like to secure my Olympic spot for Pyeongchang 2018.

Tell us about your funding and how people can help support you?

I am currently not funded by UK Sport or lottery funding but I am lucky enough to be the recipient of an Olympic Scholarship and am supported by the IOC Olympic Solidarity Fund. The British Ski and
Snowboard National Foundation and the British Snowsports Fund were also launched this year which will be helping me cover competition costs and push me toward my Olympic dream.

Have you started thinking about PyeongChang 2018 yet?

Of course I have, I have shorter term goals, but that is the big one. Only a year out, all I can hope for is that I secure my place. Just getting there would be unbelievable, but I’m definitely set on competing for one of those top spots.

What will you most look forward to if you make it to PyeongChang 2018?

What won’t I be looking forward to? If I make it, I’ll be unbelievably excited, like a kid at Christmas. I’d most look forward to meeting some unbelievable athletes and being able to watch some mental sports.

What other sport would you most look forward to watching if you make it to PyeongChang 2018?

I would definitely like to watch the final of the Men’s Ice Hockey, that would have an epic atmosphere.

Why should young people consider taking up your sport?

Aerials, more than anything, is so much fun. The feeling you get flying through the air is unbeatable. It does look scary and at times is very scary, but is extremely satisfying. The culture around the sport is awesome too, everyone is laid back and super chill, it’s just a pleasure to compete in such a great sport.

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