06 April 2017

Announcement of new British Children’s Ski Team Manager

British Ski and Snowboard are excited to announce the appointment of Juliet Foster as the new British Children’s Ski Team Manager. The British Children’s Team allows the opportunity for selected U16 and U14 athletes to compete in FIS International Children’s races across the season.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny Shute for the work she has put into the team for the past 23 years. Jenny has been an integral part of the team and will be greatly missed by all at BSS.

Paul Trayner, Head of the British Ski and Snowboard Alpine Committee said:

“Following another successful year of the BCST races, I would like to thank Jenny for the commitment she has shown to the Children’s team over the past … years. Jenny has been a fantastic advocate for the team and we are looking forward to working with Juliet.”

Dave Edwards, British Ski and Snowboard CEO added:

“A lot of today’s senior alpine athletes spent their most important years with Jenny and the BCST and owe much of their current success to her hard work on their behalf. I am delighted that Jenny is continuing to support BSS through her vital work running our FIS delegation and international influencing team. However, I would like to say a huge thanks now for the many years of dedication to the BCST.”

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