Career Highlights:

- English Overall Champion, Bormio, ITA

- British Super G Champion, Tignes, FRA

- British Overall Champion, Tignes, FRA, 2016

- U16 medal winner, International Children's Races, AND

At the age of 4, Sarah started skiing on family holidays in the French Alps. Her passion for skiing soon turned into a competitive drive for racing as she joined Aldershot dryslope at the age of 8. The excitement for ski racing swiftly lead Sarah onto the French slopes where she trained with BSA for a year before joining Ambition Racing, which is where she trains now. 

Sarah has finished children's racing and is now moving into her first year of FIS and will be skiing full time in Austria with Ambition Racing. 

Since Sarah was selected for the Children's GB team she has raced for  Great Britain in international races; Topolino and Trofeu Borufa have been a massive experience for her and have made her more determined to reach her goal of being selected for the European Youth Olympics in 2019. 


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