The National campaign, called “Go Ski Go Board” brings together a network of indoor and artificial snow slopes and community sprts cluns across the UK who offer ski and snowboard lessons for all levels. If you wish to get a taste of the excitement of Snowsports then please visit the Go Ski Board website for more details.

Talented Athletes - The Pathway

Talented, hard-working and progressive skiers and snowboarders are supported by the Home Nations development pathways. Please visit your home nation’s website by following the links below:


Firstly, athletes need to register as a racer- this must be done through one of the Home Nations. On joining the home nation, athletes should seek advice on local clubs to join, who can then advise on coaching, training schedules and designing a race plan. The Home Nations manage the BSS Development Group which is designed to support technical progression of developing British alpine athletes.
Please contact your Home Nation for further information on the BSS Develop Group.


The British Nordic Development Squad, (BNDS), manage a strong development pathway for Nordic skiers. If you are looking to take up competitive skiing, please contact the Pathway Team at the British Nordic Ski Team where there is a youth coaching programme for British Nordic Skiers.

Please contact

There are several Cross Country clubs throughout the country which offer lessons to beginners and coaching at a higher level. They will be able to offer advice about racing competitively.

Please visit this link for your local clubs!local-clubs/c1ur1


There are a number of snowdomes in the UK that support Telemark skiing and offer lessons for complete beginners as well as alpine skiers looking to make the transition into Telemark. You will also find Telemark Clubs based in Glasgow, Manchester and Hemel Hempstead.

  • Snow Factor :
    The Scottish Telemark Club runs fortnightly sessions.
  • The Snow Centre:
    The Hemel Telemark Club offers coaching sessions on weekends from October through to January.
  • Chill Factore:
    The Manchester Cross-Country Ski Club offers coaching for Telemark and Nordic skiing all year round.

Go to for further details.


The Park and Pipe Performance Pathway has been set up with the Home Nations which activates a network across England, Scotland and Wales for young Park and Pipe skiers and snowboarders looking to progress in the sport. It provides the facility to work with a top quality coaching team to design either full time or part time training focussed programme with a view to reaching the next level within the current 4 year cycle.

Please contact GB Park and Pipe Performance Manager Mark Ritchie for more information at


BSS are working closely with Home Nations to develop a pathway for Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross, including hosting Talent ID days to recognise Ski Cross and SBX talent within Britain.

Please email BSS SBX Performance Manager Dan Brier at if you are interested in being kept informed about the development of this programme. Please note athletes should aim to have the ability to complete a black run and safely land a blue jump in the park.


Speed Skiing, for all its excitement and danger, is a very accessible sport and we can help people try their hand to see how fast they can go. Must be of a good skiing standard, racing or instructing experience.  Definitely not for beginners or intermediate skiers.
The British Team offer opportunities to come and try the sport at their training camps, usually in Andorra, early in the year. Run by coach Millar Reid (, we’re always on the lookout for new racers, and at these camps you can gradually build speed in a safe and controlled environment. Kit-wise, the only specialist kit you will need is: downhill skis, a back protector, a catsuit  and an FIS approved helmet and the team can help you find all of these items. Do drop us a line if you’d like to give it a try.

If you would just like a taster, it’s worth trying to coincide a holiday with Xavier Cousseau’s XSpeed Ski Tour which travels round the Alps in winter introducing people to Speed Skiing. The tour travels from resort to resort setting up timers and speedometers on a secured piste. The activity is open to all from 5 years and over and usually takes place in a central location, check with the tourist office for the specific location each day